Etching is a technique that chemically or physically removes part of a material from its surface to form a desired pattern or shape. In fields such as electronics, precision instruments, and mold manufacturing,china metal etching manufacturer are widely used. The main steps of the etching process will be introduced in detail below:

    1. Prepare substrate and materials

    Choose the appropriate substrate material, such as metal, glass, plastic, etc., to ensure that the substrate surface is smooth, stain-free, and scratch-free.

    According to the process requirements, necessary pretreatment is performed on the substrate, such as cleaning, drying, primer coating, etc., to improve the etching effect.

    1. Coating photoresist protection

    Select the appropriate photoresist, determining the thickness and type of photoresist based on the substrate material and etching requirements.

    Use a glue applicator or manual glue coating to evenly coat the photoresist on the surface of the substrate.

    Pre-bake the coated substrate to solidify the photoresist and improve adhesion.

    1. Photolithography technology transfer pattern

    Design and create masks to ensure precision and accuracy of patterns.

    The mask is placed on the photoresist-coated substrate and exposed using an ultraviolet exposure machine to cause a chemical reaction of the photosensitive agent in the photoresist.

    The exposed substrate is developed to remove the unexposed photoresist portion, leaving a photoresist layer corresponding to the mask pattern.

    1. Etching to remove the uncovered parts

    Select the appropriate etching solution based on the material type and metal etching requirements.

    Place the substrate into the etching equipment and control the etching time, temperature and concentration of the etching liquid to ensure the etching effect.

    During the etching process, the etching depth and uniformity need to be checked regularly to ensure that the process requirements are met.

    1. Remove the photoresist to reveal the pattern

    After etching is completed, the photoresist on the substrate needs to be removed to reveal the etched pattern.

    Use appropriate glue remover or glue remover to completely remove the photoresist while avoiding damage to the etching pattern.

    1. Cleaning inspection quality and accuracy

    Thoroughly clean the deglued substrate to remove residual etching fluid, degluing fluid and other impurities.

    Use tools such as magnifying glasses, microscopes or inspection equipment to conduct quality inspections on the etching patterns to ensure that the accuracy, depth and uniformity of the patterns meet process requirements.

    1. Post-processing to improve performance

    As needed, post-process the etched substrate, such as heat treatment, electroplating, spraying, etc., to improve its performance and service life.

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